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WANT THE FASTEST? Then you need Gig speed, the fastest Internet available featuring speeds up to 1 Gb(1,000 Mbps).

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The Right Bandwidth Speed for Your Business

When you purchase business internet service, you will probably be faced with different speed options. It can be difficult to know exactly which one is right for your business. Fortunately, looking at the answers to a few key questions can make the right choice clearer.

What are you using it for?

Download speeds can often be affected by how much bandwidth you have and what you are using it for. Using rich media sites, like Facebook and Netflix, for example, can be a drag on speeds. Higher bandwidth levels are simply faster.

To give you an idea of overall speed, the chart below offers a few sample download speeds based on file size:

Internet speed 12 Mbps 24 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 1 Gig

Type of File:CRM/Database Mgmt.(350 MB)

Download times:3 min. 53, sec. 1 min. 57 sec., 56 sec. 28 sec. 3 sec.

Type of File:Cloud-Based Intel/Analytics (410 MB)

Download times: 4 min., 33 sec. 2 min., 17 sec. 1 min., 6 sec. 33 sec. 3 sec.

Type of File:One 60 Minute HD Video (820 MB)

Download times: 9 min., 7 sec.4 min., 33 sec. 2 min., 11 sec. 1 min., 6 sec. 7 sec.

How many people are using it?

Multiple the number of users by at least 4.3 Mbps yields an estimate on how much total bandwidth you will need. If you have 10 users, for example--including those who may be connecting to your network remotely you would need approximately 43 Mbps of bandwidth.

What is your budget?

Regardless of the service you use, it is driven to some degree by your budget. Comcast Business Internet packages start at as little as $69.95 per month for Starter Internet,* which is ideal for basic business needs, email and communication, and Web browsing. High-growth businesses experiencing significant online activity and frequent file sharing, and hosting websites and running backup servers, might opt for Deluxe 250 Internet, at $249.95 monthly.

Our Business Internet is built for business, that is why over a million businesses trust Comcast Business every day.


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