SIP Trunking? VoIP? PRI? T1? DSL? Wireless? WAN IP connectivity?
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DCP  starts by examining your business. 

We're a leader telecommunications, we have the experience that you need to guide you to cost effective solution for you and your company.

 So whether it's WAN IP, VoIP/SIP,  T1, PRI, High speed DSL, simply local dial tone, or long distance, we've got what you need. Just having the right products is only just part of what we do for you. We help you and your company to build solutions that help your business succeed.

What is VoIP/SIP Trunking Services?

This a voice phone service, also called SIP Trunking that provides telephone services using IP ( Internet Protocol) packets to reduce the connection costs. This service from our service providers is a  Business grade service NOT the best effort offerings from other consumer services like Skype or Vonage. We have our own network so that the voice quality is the better than standard telephone lines...and at less than 70% of the traditional telephone line cost.

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WAN IP Connectivity?

This  product  provides the SMB/Mid Market company dedicated 10 to 100  Mbps connectivity using a fiber optic or ethernet over copper connection to your premise. At 10 MBPS it is More than 6 times faster than a T1 Circuit , yet the cost NO more then the cost of two (2)T1 or T3 circuits. The service provides equally fast downloads and uploads where as cable only provides higher download speeds and REDUCED upload speeds. It fully supports VoIP/SIP trunking for your voice requirements. We offer the highest Service Level Agreements for this service are typically 99.99% uptime. Our broadband Partners Windstream and STS offer this product services. 

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Understanding T1 connections Click Here

Let us help you to:

Reduce your monthly telephony/ communications recurring charges .

Verify that your current network provider is working at your Service Level Agreement(SLA).

Make sure your internal network (LAN) is up to speed and secure.





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