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Samsung Communications is pleased to announce the release of the new OfficeServ 7200S IP PBX system. With a 64 port system capacity the OfficeServ 7200S is positioned between the OfficeServ 7100 (36 handsets) and the OfficeServ 7200 (128 handsets).

The OS7200S comes equipped with all of the key OfficeServ features including call monitoring and reporting capabilities, Auto Attendant and UCD, embedded Voicemail and the E-mail Gateway.

Optional features and CTI applications including networking to other OfficeServ platforms at remote sites, the Mobex facility which allows a Samsung desk phone and a mobile phone to be paired providing simultaneous ring, the ability to transfer, conference and put calls on hold from the mobile phone, hot desking for alternative or shared work areas and integration of wireless handsets and PDAs.

The OfficeServ 7200S is available now. For further information on how the OfficeServ 7200S can benefit your business or to arrange a demonstration on the OfficeServ7000 range please contact DCP Services, Inc. we can help with all your OfficeServ 7000 telephone system needs:

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                                      Linking Technology And Business Value

Today’s workplace is no longer defined by the building with your company logo on it. Home-based employees and road warriors are becoming commonplace these days, and your communications system has to operate where your employees are most comfortable — Everywhere.

Our OfficeServ 7000 Series telephone systems allow you to easily accommodate home, or road-officed employees by seamlessly connecting incoming calls to their remote location. Samsung’s remote IP phones allow your transient workers to handle, hold, conference, transfer or page just as if they were in the office.

Productivity, Efficiency & Affordability --- That's The SAMSUNG Advantage

 Experience big business communications technology for a small business price

    Samsung handsets IP Phones and Digital Phones


Add Versatile VoIP Phones and Gain a Definitive Business Advantage

From maximizing your collective expertise to stretching all available resources, today’s small and midsized businesses need every possible edge. Samsung’s OfficeServ™ SMT-iSeries VoIP telephones can make your business more efficient, collaborative and agile.





DS-5000 Series Keysets

The Perfect Digital Choice

For crystal clear communications in your company, Designed for the OfficeServ   7000 Series systems. Offers  a cost effective alternative to the IP phones,  for office bound employees.Yet, lets you manage flexible, programmable functions for more efficient call processing.



  • Top-of the-line model with style and personalization
  • Caller ID with photo (visual phone book)
  • Downloadable ring tones and pictures
  • USB port for connecting memory stick, web camera for video calling to other Samsung video phones, and Bluetooth® capability
  • XML browser
  • Supports optional Gigabit switch compatibility with 1 gig LAN

  • Desiless model is excellent for sales staff with numerous contacts that frequently change
  • View five numbers at once, scroll up or down to view a total of 99 numbers
  • User-defi nable labels—no paper strips needed to customize your phone
  • Supports optional Gigabit switch compatibility with 1 gig LAN
  • Backlit display
  • Dynamic phone most suited for those requiring multiple line appearances, DSS/BLF buttons, and one-touch speed dialing
  • Easy navigation (similar to Samsung mobile phone user interface)
  • Customizable soft keys and programmable buttons
  • Supports optional Gigabit switch compatibility with 1 gig LAN
  • Backlit display
  • Perfect for administrative use and routine answering and dialing
  • 14-button phone with backlit display
  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation
  • Easy access to call logs, voice mail, directory, etc.
  • Supports optional Gigabit switch compatibility with 1 gig LAN
  • Entry-level model ideal for common areas such as lobbies or waiting rooms
  • Transfer, hold, conference or mute with ease
  • Multiple ring tones facilitate personalization
  • Desk or wall mountable
  • Send short messages to other phones via the display interface


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